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ARARA 2023 Conference

March 10 - March 13, 2023  Tucson, AZ

Presenters Must Register for the Conference
Deadline for Submission is January 15, 2023

ARARA invites proposals for presentations at the 2023 Conference. Presenters do not have to be ARARA members to present, but current ARARA members will be given preference.

The review committee will be making difficult decisions for presentation selections to fill the limited program slots. Please polish your abstracts to perfection.

All questions about the submission process should be directed to the Program Coordinator at

Traditional Paper Presentations:
Papers and reports must be created and presented in PowerPoint. Abstracts of 200 words or less should be submitted via this online form by January 15, 2023 for consideration.

Applications must designate presentations as one of the following:

  • Regular Paper: 15 minutes plus 5-minute question/answer period (presenters plan to present for 15 minutes in PowerPoint and allow for a few minutes of questions afterward; total timeframe cannot exceed 20 minutes).
  • Report: 10 minutes plus 5-minute question/answer period (presenters plan to present for 10 minutes in PowerPoint and allow for a few minutes of questions afterward; total timeframe cannot exceed 15 minutes
  • Poster: Displays set up in the conference area, with scheduled times for presenters to be available for contact with viewers.

***Please note that if your abstract is not selected for presentation at the conference, you are still encouraged to submit your research paper or report for publication consideration to our annual journal, American Indian Rock Art. Instructions for submission can be found here.

Field Trip Video Presentations: The field trip video presentation seeks to virtually take people to rock art sites through an edited digital video format. The final video is limited to 8-minutes in edited length, with one or more people in front of the camera, or a voice dubbed over the images, telling the viewers about the rock art site. The cameraperson should show the environment of the site including terrain, vegetation, and viewsheds as well as the rock art images. Essentially, it should be the whole field trip experience! On the program, field trip video presentations will be allowed 10 minutes to include time for questions. Though the videos are short in length, only a limited number will be shown during the conference.

For consideration, please complete the form on this page, using the Abstract box to write a short description of the site involved in the video, and click the button to indicate you want to submit a Field Trip Video.
After you submit this form, a Dropbox link will be sent to your email address shortly thereafter where you can upload your completed video. The completed video must be uploaded to Dropbox by the January 15 deadline to be included for consideration by the program review committee.

Field trip video: The final product to be presented will be an edited video that runs 8 minutes or less at 1080i resolution in MP4 format.

Additional considerations:

  • English is the preferred language for presentations. If your presentation will be given in a different language, information written on the PowerPoint slides should also show English subtitles. ARARA does not provide interpreter services. An English-speaker should be available with the presenter on the day of the presentation to help deal with technical difficulties and answer questions.
  • ARARA encourages student participation. Please indicate on the application form which of the authors are students so that the Education Committee can contact you with information about membership benefits and possible travel or registration assistance.
  • All Conference papers and reports must be standard PowerPoint presentations (.ppt or .pptx format). Other digital formats for papers and reports are not supported.
  • Field trip videos should be submitted in MP4 format at a resolution of 1080i and should not exceed 8 minutes run-time.
  • All questions regarding paper and video submissions should be directed to Amanda Castaneda, Program Coordinator, at

Abstract Submission Instructions

Complete the form online; it cannot be downloaded to your computer. When you click "SUBMIT," the website will automatically 1) send your application to the Program Chair, and 2) send a submission confirmation to the email address on your form.

If you want a copy of your submission details either print the page or do a screen capture
 clicking "SUBMIT"— the submit button clears the form.

The Program Review Committee will examine applications, and the Program Chair will notify applicants of the Committee's decision via email as soon as possible after the January 15 submission deadline.

In order to accommodate as many presentations as possible during our limited conference time, ARARA reserves the option of requesting that a Regular Paper be changed to a Report, or that the paper or report be submitted to AIRA for consideration instead of being a conference presentation.

Deadline for submission is January 15, 2023. Submissions after that date will not be considered for the 2023 Conference at Tucson, AZ.

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