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ARARA 2019 Conference
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona
June 14–17, 2019

Presenters Must Register for the Conference

Deadline for Submission is April 1, 2019

ARARA invites proposals for presentations at the 2019 Conference. Presenters do not have to be ARARA members to present, but current ARARA members whose papers are accepted will be given preference. Presenters must register for the conference by the pre-registration deadline.

Students: ARARA encourages student participation, whether as presenters or attendees. All students receive free registration for ARARA Conferences. Student presenters may be eligible for additional benefits. Please indicate on the application form which of the authors are students, so that the Education Committee can contact you.

Applications must designate presentations as follows:

Paper – Generally the results of a research project. Total of 15 minutes (presenters may shorten presentation time to allow for questions but total timeframe cannot exceed 15 minutes).

Report – Generally preliminary information about a site or topic. Total of 10 minutes (presenters may shorten presentation time to allow for questions but total timeframe cannot exceed 10 minutes).

Poster – Research project results or preliminary information about a site or topic presented as text and photos in large printed format. Displays not to exceed 3 ft. x 6 ft. in size to be set up in the conference area. Several time periods will be scheduled for presenters to be available at their posters to interact with viewers.

English is the preferred language for presentations. If your presentation is in another language, you are expected to provide handouts with a translation or summary of your paper in English. ARARA does not provide interpreter services or pay for the printing of handouts.

All Conference papers and reports must be standard PowerPoint presentations (.ppt or .pptx format). Other digital formats and color slide projection are not supported.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Prepare your abstract before filling out this online form. Abstracts should be between 100-300 words to give the Review Committee enough information to properly evaluate. Complete the form online; it cannot be downloaded to your computer. When you click "SUBMIT," the website will automatically do two things: 1) send your application to the Program Chair, and 2) send a submission confirmation to the email address on your form along with a copy of your submission

The Program Review Committee will examine applications, and the Program Chair will notify applicants of the Committee's decision via email as soon as possible.

In order to accommodate as many presentations as possible during our limited conference time, ARARA reserves the option of requesting that a Paper be changed to a Report or Poster.

Program Chair Jenny Huang at

Deadline for submission is 
April 1, 2019.

If you cannot submit from the website, or if you need help or further information, e-mail Program Chair Jenny Huang at

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