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ARARA 2019 Conference

Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona
June 14–17, 2019

Do you want to have awesome adventures in and near Flagstaff?

  • Hear the latest research ideas from your colleagues; viewpoints, music, and stories from representatives of the Native cultures of the Colorado Plateau?
  • Have the opportunity to visit important sites (not usually open to the public), such as the Hopi Dawa petroglyph site with licensed Hopi guide on an all-day trip, or enjoy Petrified Forest National Park expansion lands with an experienced volunteer who has the key to regions not yet open to the public? 
  • Have time to network with old friends and meet new ones who share similar interests? Attend important ARARA committee meetings and learn how you can help volunteer with conservation, education, publications, the archive, and the web.

About Flagstaff
Accommodation and Meals
Field Trips

Flagstaff is a delightful area with a population of about 65,000. At an elevation of 7000 feet summertime temperatures are pleasant. Average high temperatures in June are 78 degrees. Nighttime temperatures can be cool. Members should plan for some field trips to be considerably warmer. Flagstaff is served by American and United airlines. It is a 2.5 hour drive north of the Phoenix airport depending on traffic. There is a shuttle service between the Phoenix airport and Flagstaff Amtrak Southwest Chief serves Flagstaff from Los Angeles and from Chicago via Kansas City & Albuquerque. You don’t even have to leave Flagstaff to see rock art! Picture Canyon, a 2017 Conservation and Preservation Award winner, is right in town; travel along Historic Route 66 to get there.

Accommodations and Meals

The NAU Campus from their promotional material.

A unique feature of this year’s conference is the opportunity to stay on a modern university campus (see NAU map of the conference area) with excellent all-you-can-eat meals included in the price. Some of you may have vague memories of musty dorm rooms of the distant past. Modern “residential suites” are very different. Having seen the facilities, it’s more like a "hotel without coat hangers or a phone/TV in the room."  We expect many ARARA Conference attendees (old friends and new) to reserve their rooms through the ARARA registration process. Hang out with us and have some fun! The accommodation and food opportunities are next door to the conference facility and the Board believes that these are going to be the best accommodations for the majority of our membership. The rooms are also a requirement for our use of the NAU conference facilities. As a result, we will contract for 120 members to stay on campus. If there is additional interest we can contract more rooms.

“Camping” in campers or other recreational vehicles is not allowed on campus. There are campgrounds and RV parks in the Flagstaff area, but you should reserve early.  The Flagstaff tourism agency has the information on camping in the area at this link.

Below is information about these accommodations below from NAU material. Do not contact NAU to make reservations! We will do that through our own conference registration process.

  • Hotel Type Feel
  • Suite Style Rooms
  • Four bi-level lounges with 2 study rooms in each lounge
  • Study rooms include one white board, one 6 foot table with chairs
  • Laundry room
  • Full fitness room
  • Theatre room by reservation seats 30 with HDMI, VGA, and BlueRay
  • Fireplace and game room
  • Business center with computers
  • Wifi
  • ATM

Shared Room for Two People With One Bathroom

  • (2) Twin-sized beds
  • (2) Dressers (under the bed)
  • (2) Nightstands
  • Ceiling Fans - No air conditioning
  • (2) Desks and chairs
  • (2) Closets
  • Shelving
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen: stove, fridge
  • Ethernet outlet under the desks

$125 including tax per night for the two people includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for each person per room night. Box lunches available for field trip days, included in price. Parking $5/car/weekday.

Two Private Bedrooms With Shared Bathroom