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Proposed Bylaws

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At the 2016 ARARA Conference in Las Cruces, the Board appointed a Bylaws Committee.  Mavis Greer agreed to chair the Committee and Helen Crotty, Mary Gorden, Rich Otter, and Teddy Stickney agreed to serve as members.  For a couple of years prior, the Board had been identifying deficiencies in the current Bylaws:  issues that were either unclear or not addressed, wording that was obsolete, and grammatical and typographic errors.  The Board communicated its observations and concerns to the Committee and requested that they do a complete review and update of ARARA’s Bylaws.  The Bylaws Committee has finalized its proposal shown below.  ARARA’s current governing documents can be found here

The Bylaws proposal will be presented to the ARARA membership for approval at the annual Business Meeting on June 3 at our upcoming conference in Grand Junction. If you have questions or comments regarding the proposed bylaws we have created a forum where these can be discussed.

The Board thanks the Committee for all of its hard work over the past two years.

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