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Vendor Registration

DoubleTree Hotel
Grand Junction, Colorado
June 1–4, 2018

Vendor Application Deadline: May 1, 2018

Vendors much be ARARA members and need to be logged into this website in order to register.

Each vendor space includes one (1) table and two (2) chairs. Additional tables may be requested, but all requests beyond minimum requirements are subject to equipment and space availability.
A deposit of $25 is due with the application.

The vendor area will be secured at all times.

Sales Tax License
A special event license must be applied for prior to the event. A single event sales tax license is required when an individual, organization or vendor plans to conduct or participate
in a retail sales event at a location at which there are three or more vendors, other than the regular business operation The single event license is valid only for sales made during the single event. The fee is $8, but this license is free to vendors who already have a standard Colorado sales tax license. A license is required regardless of the anticipated amount of sales.

It is the vendor’s choice whether to purchase a Single Event Sales Tax License or a Multiple Events Sales Tax License, based on the number of events an individual plans to participate in and the license cost considerations. As a general rule, unless you know you will not participate in more than one event in a two-year period, it will be more cost-effective to purchase a multiple events license. Through Revenue Online,, you may report and pay taxes for an event where you have recently made sales AND you may obtain a single event or multiple events license. If you already have a sales tax or special event license, you may report and pay taxes through Revenue Online. If you cannot register for an event license or file and pay taxes online, you may fill out a Vendor Special Event License Application for Single or Multiple Events (DR 0589) and then file your event sales tax on the Special Event Retail Sales Tax Return (DR 0098).

Cancellations: Vendors can cancel at any time on this web page but will not receive a refund of their deposit. To cancel your registration:

  • Log into the website (you will see your name on the top right of the page)
  • Come to this page and click the "Already registered" link
  • Click the "Cancel registration" button


Criteria for the allocation of vendor space:

  1. All items in the vendor area must be related to rock art.
  2. First preference will be given to non-profit organizations whose goals are consistent with those of ARARA, provided their materials are related to rock art.
  3. Priority will be given to those Vendors selling educational materials, i.e., books, monographs, research reports, videos, CDs, software, and related educational materials.
  4. Arts and crafts spaces will be allocated based on a juried competition that considers the type of product, the range of prices, the quality and artistic merit of the work, and the ethical or appropriate use of rock art imagery.
  5. All artwork must be created by the Vendor. Vendors will be asked to remove any artwork made by others.
  6. Vendors are asked to donate a commission of $25 per table plus 10% of gross sales over $250 to help defray the costs of providing the vendor space. The minimum commission of $25 is payable in advance with the Vendor Application. The 10% commission will also be due before you tear down your booth.
  7. Vendors are expected to follow the rules as established by the Vendor Committee. These include observing the posted times when vending is permitted and ensuring the security of the Vendor Area.
  8. ARARA may choose to provide complimentary vendor space for informational purposes to companies introducing new products and technologies that are deemed to be of interest to the membership.
  9. No late applications will be accepted.

The American Rock Art Research Association encourages artists to take ethical responsibility when rock art images are incorporated into their work. ARARA encourages artists to show respect for the cultures of Native Peoples.

    • 1 Jun 2018
    • 4 Jun 2018

    Vendor registration for the ARARA 2018 conference in Grand Junction. Please read the additional information to the left.

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