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Candidates and Voting


The ballot is at the bottom of this page below the candidate statements. The ballot will open on April 1, 2021 and close end of day April 30, 2021.

The nominating committee (Jim Royle, Donna Yoder, Paula Reynosa, Leigh Marymor, and Larry Loendorf) has selected candidates to serve as directors of ARARA. There are four director positions on the Board and seven nominees. Vote for your preferred candidates individually. There is also a write-in option. When you are finished review your choices and click the submit button.Candidates:

Peter Anick
As a current member of the Board of Directors, I have been proud to work with the current team to keep ARARA functioning in spite of the restrictions imposed by the health crisis. While I expected my background as rock art researcher, avocational archaeologist, and university lecturer to prepare me for my first term on the board, it turned out that my recently-gained experience with online teaching was the most applicable skill I could offer during the pandemic. As soon as it became clear that we would be unable to hold our annual conference in 2020, I joined a team to create an online lecture series to keep our membership up to date with ongoing rock art research. Since last June, I have been involved in soliciting speakers, leading our Zoom practice sessions, and serving as technical host for the monthly presentations. I have set up a youtube channel (at to make our videos publicly available for those who cannot attend live. We have had over 1,600 views and 126 subscriptions.

Our informal “coffee hour” before each online presentation has been a chance for members to interact, as well as to welcome new visitors to ARARA. It has been encouraging to see so many continuing to do their research, education, and conservation work in spite of the covid restrictions. I myself have been fortunate to participate in a “remote” rock art documentation project, thanks to the photographic skills of colleagues in Arizona. Although I might have preferred other conditions under which to enjoy my tenure on the ARARA board, I would be honored to serve another term, during which we will hopefully emerge stronger than ever from this pandemic.

Margaret Berrier
I received a BA in Art Education from Indiana University and began recording petroglyphs in 1986 at sites in Utah on a trip to the Dirty Devil River with Sally Cole as part of a class offered through the Denver Natural History Museum.

Since then, I have continued to research, document, and photograph other rock art sites in Utah as well as Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. I have worked with the BLM, and National Forest Service. I have also helped to document sites in Australia and Sweden.

In 2009 I started working on my own documentation projects as part of the New Mexico Rock Art Recording Council. Most of my current projects involve working with the BLM to update documentation of the petroglyphs and pictographs of Southern New Mexico.

I have been a member of the ARARA since 1988, the Dona Ana Archeology Society, the Archaeological Society of New Mexico, the Jornada Research Institute, the San Diego Rock Art Association, and the Utah Rock Art Research Association.

ARARA Committee duties I have participated in include nominating, scholarship, awards, and Zoom. I also was the area chair for the 2016 ARARA Symposium in Las Cruces in 2016.

Tim Dodson
Timothy S Dodson has a M.A. in maritime archaeology from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom and a B.A. in biology from Carthage College. Currently he is a regulatory archaeologist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville and Mobile Districts. He has eleven years of professional archaeological experience, covering over 12 states, Canada, the U.K. and the Middle East. He has been employed by both state and federal government agencies and has extensive experience in CRM. He has been a member of ARARA for the past three years and has served as a member of the Student Award Selection Committee for all three. Additionally, he has conducted rock art research in southern Colorado and is currently exploring opportunities in Tennessee.

If elected, I hope to focus on expanding ARARA’s membership to include more younger academics, members of Native American Tribes and minorities as well as its geographical presence and awareness within the field of archaeology. Focusing on expanding in these areas are crucial to ARARA’s sustainability and future success. Finally, I would also like to focus on digitizing all the past AIRA for the benefits of its members and outside academics. Increasing the availability of AIRA will allow for ARARA to increase its visibility and wealth of knowledge.

Amy Gilreath
I was a career archaeologist for 40+ years with Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc., a cultural resources management firm in California and Nevada, and a Principal there for 25 years. I assisted Breen Murray with La Pintura from 2010 until he passed in 2016, then assumed the role of Editor of La Pintura. I retired from Far Western four years ago, and I relinquished the role of Editor, La Pintura this past year. I’m very much interested in continuing to support ARARA, but now in the role of a Director on the Board. As a result of being an ARARA member for about 20 years and having hands-on involvement with every issue of the newsletter for the past 10 years, I’m aware of ARARA’s mission, most issues that the Board engages, and most of the Board’s policies and the reasoning behind them. I am particularly interested in helping ARARA chart a course over the next several years as “virtual everything” becomes ever more common as the means to engage Members: virtual Conferences, virtual meetings, Zoom lectures, the quarterly e-Newsletter, increased reliance on our website, and such. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Janine Hernbrode