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  • Friday 9a: Pictograph Cave (morning 1/2 day)

Friday 9a: Pictograph Cave (morning 1/2 day)

  • 2 Jun 2017
  • 8:30 AM (PDT)
  • Pictograph Cave
  • 11


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Description: The rock art images at Pictograph cave consist of anthropomorphs, zoomorphs, and geometric designs painted with red ochre on the wall of a large, collapsed lava tube. Pictographs appear most similar to the North Oregon Rectilinear Style and may date from beyond 2,000 years ago to Historic times. The contrast from the high desert environment surrounding the cave to its interior environment is fascinating and certainly held considerable mystery to the prehistoric inhabitants of the region. The rock art images are even more interesting when viewed in this unique setting.

Access: Access is MODERATELY DIFFICULT. A graveled forest road that is considered to be accessible for most vehicle types leads to the trailhead for Pictograph Cave. At the trailhead, the trail overland to the site traverses relatively flat terrain with rocky, ashy soils. In some places these ashy soils can be a little like walking on top of snow.  A short but steep climb down a six-foot-high rock wall into the collapsed lava tube is necessary to get into the site, and this requires personal mobility and balance.
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