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  • Monday 17: Picture Rock Pass/Fort Rock Cave

Monday 17: Picture Rock Pass/Fort Rock Cave

  • 5 Jun 2017
  • 8:00 AM (PDT)
  • Picture Rock Pass/Fort Rock Cave
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Description: Great Basin tradition petroglyphs and pictographs will be seen on this field trip. The petroglyphs at Picture Rock Pass are found on large boulders tumbled from the basalt rimrock above the site. Human and animal figures and geometric designs are the predominant motifs. After viewing the imagery at Picture Rock Pass we will then proceed to Ft. Rock cave for a tour of the site of the oldest footwear found in the world, the famous Sagebrush Sandals.  Along the way, we will take a short trip on a dirt road to view pictographs.

Access: Vehicle access to these sites is relatively EASY. Picture Rock Pass is adjacent to a state highway and access to Fort Rock Cave and the nearby pictographs are by a good graveled county road and a good dirt road. Pedestrian access to the Picture Rock Pass petroglyph boulders is MODERATELY DIFFICULT. Walking to most of the boulders is over rough, uneven terrain with no developed trail, but one large boulder is adjacent to the highway and parking area and can be seen by anyone. The hike is shorter than 2 miles roundtrip and involves an elevation gain/loss of less than 100 feet. Access to the pictographs at the second site is up a slight slope, with no developed trail.

This trip will get people who are headed south a significant start on their trip home if they are not planning on returning to the Eagle Crest conference location.
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