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The American Rock Art Research Association, founded in 1974, has a mission dedicated to the support of rock art research, conservation, and education. Members of ARARA come from many professions and backgrounds around the United States and other countries, and as such subscribe to ARARA's Code of Ethics as a condition of membership. ARARA has established committees devoted to the conservation and preservation of rock art sites and to educating the public to the importance of protecting rock art across the landscape. A variety of awards have been established by ARARA to recognize individuals, groups, and organizations for distinguished service in the field of rock art research, conservation, and education.

ARARA has held its annual conferences in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Idaho, and in Casas Grandes, Mexico, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Among ARARA's publications are American Indian Rock Art containing papers from the annual conferences, the quarterly newsletter La Pintura, and occasional papers or monographs.

Our members’ interests include all of the following, and many more besides: anthropology, archaeoastronomy, archaeology, art history, arts, computer manipulation of images, conservation, cultural resource management, cultures, dating technologies, education, ethnography, geology, history, interpretation, languages, mythology, the outdoors, photography, recording, remediation, and site management.

ARARA is a member of the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO). IFRAO is a federation of national and regional organizations from around the world dedicated to promoting the study of paleaoart. More information about IFRAO can be found at

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