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Occasional Papers Sorted By Author

Author Title Occasional Paper Page
Anderson, Bruce A. National Park Service Studies for the Proposed West Mesa Petroglyphs Near Albuquerque 1 37-40
Barry, Michael, and John Clegg Snames and Science 5 65-80
Bednarik, Robert G. Rock Art Conservation and Protection in Australia 1 43-47
Blanshard,Andrew A Stylistic Chronology of Maori Rock Art in the South Island of New Zealand 5 41-50
Bock, Frank, moderator and et. al. Conservation and Protection Symposium Panel Discussion 1 75-89
Cartwright, Chas Graffiti Removal Strategies at Two Sites on the San Juan River: A Cautionary Tale 1 61-63
Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip Footprints of the Hisatsinom: Hopi Interpretations of Ancient Images in the San Pedro Valley of Southern Arizona 5 221-228
Coy Jr., Fred E. Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Kentucky 2 87-98
Crotty, Helen K. References Sited and Selected Bibliography 1 91-104
Diaz-Granados, Carol Missouri's Petroglyphs and Pictographs: Overview of a Statewide Survey and Analysis 2 81-86
Dowson, Thomas A. Off the Rocks, onto T-Shirts, Canvasses, etc. . . Power and the Popular Consumption of Rock Art Imagery 3 1-14
Duncan, Kenneth Y. "Woody" A Study of Design Element Patterns Associated with Petroglyph Faces Bisected by Rock Angles at Archaeological Site LA 9064 5 135-148
Faulkner, Charles H. Rock Art in Tennessee: Ceremonial Art in this World and the Underworld 2 111-118
Griffith, Cameron S., and Sarah M. P. Jack Monumental Modified Speleothem Sculpture: New Patterns in a Class of Ancient Maya Cave Art 5 1-16
Harrison, III, James B. Anthropomorphizing the Landscape: The Pecos River Style Core Motifs 5 115-134
Hedden, Mark 3,500 Years of Shamanism in Maine Rock Art 2 7-24 
Hedges, Ken Ethics of Rock Art Research 1 35-36
Henson, B. Bart Rock Art Distribution in North Alabama as a Function of Motif Style 2 119-126
Hockensmith, Charles D. Circle and Line Petroglyphs: Historic Carvings Mistaken for Prehistoric Petroglyphs 2 99-110
Hranicky, Wm. Jack  Virginia's Prehistoric Observatories 2 131-136
Huang, Jennifer K. K. Conservation Efforts on the Engravings of the Cða Valley Archaeological Park, Portugal 5 101-114
Huang, Jennifer K: K. Content-Context Relationships in the Rock art of Chavez Pass, North-central Arizona 5 197-210
Johnson, Melissa Spatially Analysing Rock Art Sites within a GIS: A Preliminary Report 5 81-92
Labadie, John A. and Labadie, Joesph H. Parietal Works of the Signifying Animal: Rock Art as a Resource and as a Cultural Responsibility 3 15-19
Lee, Georgia Problems of Conservation and Preservation of Rock Art on Easter Island 1 49-53
Lenik, Edward J. Sacred Places and Power Spots: Native American Rock Art at Middleborough, Massachusetts 2 25-37
Lever, Janet Rock Art, Art, and Ethics: A Personal Response 3 21-27
Lowe, David C. Ancient Images of Wisconsin 2 39-46
Mark, Robert K. and Newman, Evelyn B. Some Observations on Rock Art Conservation in Spain 1 65-70
Merrell, Carolynne L. Location Location Location: Rock Art as Sacred Geography 5 183-196
Mooney, Richard M. Petroglyphs and Archaeoastronomy in Tennessee 2 127-130
Morales, Jr., Reinaldo The Angelim Style and Northeast Brazilian Rock Art 5 27-40
Olsen, Nancy H. Learning from Images in Context: Theory Building for Rock Art in Archaeology 5 149-162
Patterson, Carol A Study of gestures in Anthropomorphic Figures in Rock Paintings of Cape York Peninsula, Australia 5 51-64
Payen, Louis A. Rock Art Conservation and Protection at Indian Grinding Rocks State Historical Park, California: Some Initial Observations 1 55-59
Pilles, Jr., Peter J. Public Education and the Management of Rock Art Sites on the Coconino National Forest 1 23-34
Riel-Salvatore, Julien Limitations of Shamanistic Interpretive Models for southern Africa and Upper Paleolithic Rock Art 5 93-100
Ritter, Eric W. The Bureau of Land Management and Rock Art: Protection, Conservation and Understanding in the 21st Century 1 41-42
Rolf, Stanton Brownstone Canyon Archaeological District: A Cultural Resource Management Plan 1 71-73
Rowe, Marvin W. Fresh Voices for Rock Art 5 ix-xii
Sells, Lorelei  Moving Mountains" to Provide Access to Rock Art: Multi-media Interpretation of the Hedgpeth Hills Petroglyph Site 5 211-220
Silver, Constance Rock Art Conservation in the United States: Wish or Reality 1 3-15
Stanley Price, Nicholas What Makes a Conservation Treatment Acceptable or Not? 1 17-22
Steelman, Karen L., and Marvin W. Rowe Dating Pictographs: Independent Dates and Their Implications for Rock Art. 5 17-26
Swauger, James L. Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and the Last Thirty Five Years 2 3-6
Wagner, Mark J. Written in Stone: An Overview of the Rock Art of Illinois 2 47-79
Welsh, Peter H. Commodification of Rock Art: An Inalienable Right 3 29-37
Wintcher, Amanda R. Rock Art and Landscape in the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site Southeast Colorado 5 163-182
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