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The Education Award

This award recognizes the role of education in the preservation, appreciation and conservation of rock images. Since children are a key component to the preservation of rock images in the future, individuals working with children (K-12) should be considered as well as college and continuing education projects. The award will identify worthy projects and make a monetary contribution to that project or program.

Consideration will be given to an individual, group, organization, or agency who make a scientific or artistic contribution through lesson plans or programs that include the visual arts and/or creative writing or the creation of educational materials (i.e., films, handouts or books). The main focus is on the project and its goals and results.

The recipient's efforts to incorporate the participation and advice of Native Peoples into their work will be valued.

The Education Award can be made to more than one recipient within the same year and a recipient need not be a member of ARARA.

The Education Award may be made to an individual for work that was a normal part of his or her employment or professional activities; similarly, it can be made to a group, organization, or agency for work that was a regular part of its operations.

An Education Award recipient can be honored more than once for additional educational efforts.

A written nomination summarizing the contributions of the proposed recipient shall be signed/approved by no less than five members in good standing or members of ARARA's Advisory Council.

Nominations will be accepted any time prior to January 31 by the Awards Committee Chair. Nominations will be forwarded to the Education Committee Chair for assessment. The Education Chair will make a decision at least one month before the conference and communicate this decision to the Awards Committee Chair and the ARARA Board who has the final decision making approval.

An award recipient will receive $500 (which may be divided among multiple recipients) and a certificate at the ARARA conference.

Past recipients include (award not given in years not listed):

  • 2008: Los Vecinos del Río—Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project

  • 2009: Eileen Gose—Rock Art Legacy Trunk

  • 2010: Dr. Carolyn Boyd and SHUMLA School

  • 2015: Celebration Park, Canyon County, Idaho

  • 2018: Friends of Cedar Mesa
  • 2019: The Shovel Bums Archeology Club of Blessed Sacrament School in Salt Lake City
  • 2023: Al Dart and Old Pueblo Archaeology

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