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American Indian Rock Art (AIRA) Papers Sorted By First Author

Author Title Volume Page Reference
Abel, Brent Proposed Investigations at Two Western Archaic Petroglyph Sites Near Pecos, New Mexico 20 13-18
Aguilar Torres, Newman Pictografias de la Laguna de los Condores: Leymebamba - Peru 26-2 231-245
Albagli de Almeida, Guilherme Remarks on Rock Art in the State of Bahai, Brazil 26-1 1-6
Alioto, Joesph T. Interpretation of Chumash Rock Art: A Psychological Perspective 9 44-49
Allan, Stephen and Steven J. Waller Echolocation of Rock Art: Using Sound to Search for Sacred Sites 36 103-107
Allen, Mary Comments on: The Esplanade Style: A Reappraisal of Polychrome Rock Art in the Grand Canyon Region, Arizona, by Don Christensen and Jerry Dickey 30 86
Allen, Mary K. New Frontiers in Rock Art: the Grand Canyon 15 48-70
Ambruster, Carol, and Tony Hull Chaco Navajo Ceremonial Rock Art and Anasazi Symbols 27 25-34
American Rock Art Research Association American Indian Rock Art. Guidelines for Authors 24 129-132
American Rock Art Research Association  Officers and Associates 2005-2006 32 87
American Rock Art Research Association  Membership Form 32 88
American Rock Art Research Association  Awards 32 89-90
American Rock Art Research Association  Publications 1974-2004 32 91-104
American Rock Art Research Association  Guidelines for Authors 32 105-108
American Rock Art Research Association  Officers 2006-2007 33 145
American Rock Art Research Association  Awards 33 147-149
Apostoledes, Alex Rock Art of the Saltdale Quadrangle: A Mojave Desert Survey 3 101-106
Apostoledes, Alex The Rock Art of Chalcazingo, Morales, Mexico 4 90-95
Apostoledes, Alex Two Petroglyph Sites in Durango, Mexico 7&8 69-75
Arca, Andrea Walking on the Rock Art Paths 26-2 63-70
Arratia, Leticia Gonzalez Current State of Research in Petroglyphs in the Northern Mexican States of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon 16 177-187
Attorrese, Elisabetta, and Angelo Fossatti Rock 53 of Vite-Deria: New Elements for the Study of Degradation of Valcamonica Petroglyphs 28 103-110
Bahn, Paul G. Alice in Wonderland, or Through the Looking Glass? 17 1-5
Bahn, Paul G. The Rock Art of China: The Longest Known and Least Known 19 1-7
Bahn, Paul G. Rock Art: World Heritage 21-3 3-8
Bailey, Gay “Gaea” M.A. Beyond Stargazing: Preservation and Organization of Data Regarding the Navajo Star Ceilings of Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto 31 23-33
Bain, Col. James G. Paleolithic Rock Art. Does it Exist in North America 2 109-113
Bain, James G. Tapping the TAP (Tourist Archaeological Potential) 1 147-150
Baker, Pamela Painted Sites of the Ancestral Puebloans in Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, New Mexico 35 13-26
Barabas, Bryn M. Rock Art at the Southwest Museum 13&14 115-118
Barabas, Bryn Marie Ex Situ: Conserving Rock Art Records 17 6-10
Bednarik, Robert G. The Cave Art of Australia 12 81-87
Benson, Arlene and Buckskin, Floyd Achomawi Jumping Rocks and the Concept of the Test 15 31-38
Benson, Arlene and Hoskinson, Tom Transformations: Preparing the Land 12 37-46
Benson, Arlene, Floyd Buckskin, and Ruby George Tracing the Sun's Shadow 21-3 321-338
Benton, James Dating a Pictograph 4 21-25
Benton, James There is a Connection - I Think 7&8 221-224
Benton, James S.and Vuncannon, Delcie H. Cultural Affinities of the Freightwagon Site, Near Baker, California 5 59-69
Berrier, Margaret K. Proposed Documentation and Storage of Data Related to Acoustical Phenomena at Rock Art Sites 26-1 7-18
Biesele, Megan  Research Politics and Rock Art Interpretation in Africa: Perspectives for the Lower Pecos 37 135-144
Bilbo, Barbara The Slaughter Canyon (New) Cave Pictograph Site, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico 23 49-56
Bilbo, Michael Use of Photo Mosaics in the Mapping of Rock Art Sites at Hueco Tanks State Park, Texas 5 135-141
Bilbo, Michael Carlsbad Caverns Natural Entrance Pictogrpah Sites 1 and 2, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico 23 41-47
Blackhorse, Taft Navajo Rock Art Discussion 27 73-75
Blanchard, Dawn L. Shamans and Master Artists: Understanding the Parallels in Rock Art 23 183-188
Bock, A.J. and Lee, Georgia Footsteps to Destruction: A Guide for Visiting and/or Recording Rock Art Sites 18 23-26
Bock, Frank and A.J. A Review of an Attempt to Restore Petroglyphs Using Artificial Desert Varnish at Petrified Forest, Arizona 16 35-48
Bock, Frank and Bock, A.J. Rock Art of the Arizona Strip (Preliminary Report Includes Pakoon Springs and Little Black Mountain) 13&14 27-46
Bock, Frank and Bock, A.J. The Birdheaded Figure of the Southwest in Psychopomp 17 11-28
Bock, Frank G. American Indian Rock Art. Notice to Authors 24 127-128
Bock, Frank G. and Bock, A.J. CA-SHA-39: A Lesson in Maximizing a Rock Art Site 10 62-78
Bostwick, Todd W. Managing Rock Art in an Urban Setting: The Challenges of South Mountain Park 22 119-128
Bostwick, Todd W. Rock Art Mask Designs in the South Mountains, Arizona 24 1-12
Bostwick, Todd W. Hourglass Anthropomorph Petroglyphs in the South Mountains, Arizona 25 121-132
Bostwick, Todd W., and J. Claire Dean An Experiment in Removing Spray Paint Graffiti from a Hohokam Rock Art Panel with Graffiti-B-Gone 24 103-112
Boyd, Douglas K. Aboriginal Rock Art of Justiceburg Reservoir: A Regional Perspective for the Texas Panhandle-Plains 16 123-145
Bricker, Felton, Thomas Holcomb, and J. Claire Dean A Native American's Thoughts on the Preservation and Conservation of Rock Art 21-2 7-9
Briot, Alain Little Petroglyph Canyon. A Portfolio of Photographs by Alain Briot 25 203-212
Brooks, Richard, Ritter, Eric W. and Farrell, Nancy Native American Rock Art in a 19th Century California Mining Boom Town 4 9-20
Bru, Margarita The Cave of Los Casares (Guadalajara) “  21-3 11-15
Brugge, David M. Motivation and Function in Navajo Rock Art 4 141-147
Brugge, David M. A History of Navajo Rock Art Research 27 5-16
Brunod, Giseppe, Walter Ferreri, and Gaudenzio Ragazzi The Camunian Rose of Carpene, Sellero (Valcamonica, Italy) 26-2 155-158
Buchner, A. P., S. Hathout, and B. Russell Digital Enhancement of a Prehistoric Rock Painting from Hazlet, Saskatchewan 26-1 19-24
Buck, Mimi and Rhodes, Cheryl Rock Art of West Central Colorado and Periphery 2 1-4
Bullen, Margaret U. Shamanic Portals: Do They Ocur in Australian Rock Art? 22 103-110
Burke, William J., Bradshaw, Richard L., and Turner II, Christy G. Preservation Studies on the Davis Gulch Pictographs 6 11-17
Burkholder, Grace Clark County, Nevada, Calendrical Markers 17 29-35
Burton, Jeffery F. Late Pueblo Iconography in Petrified Forest Rock Art: Implications for the Origin and Development of the Kachina Cult 21-3 261-271
Bury, Rick House of the Sun: The Seasons. A Photo Essay with Six Images 23 161-168
Bury, Rick Too Many Shamans: Ethics and Politics of Rock Art Interpretation 25 149-154
Butler, Lynn Dodd, Ashley Sands, and Lucy Harrington Visualizing the Native American Cultural Landscape: A Significant New Research and Imaging Method 36 53-58
Callahan, Kevin, L. Minnesota's Red Rock and Other Sacred Boulders of the Upper Midwest 26-1 25-32
Castleton M.D., Kenneth B. Rock Art of the Uintah Basin of Utah 2 19-25
Castleton, Kenneth B. The Rock Art of the San Juan River Between Bluff and Mexican Hat 3 110-114
Cawley, John The Rocky Hill Pictographs 3 107-109
Cawley, John J. Contemporary Rock Art 6 18-20
Chaffee, Scott D., Hyman, Marian and Rowe, Marvin W. Direct Dating of Pictographs 19 23-30
Chamberlain, Von Del Sky Smbol Rock Art 4 79-89
Chamberlain, Von Del Navajo Star Ceilings 12 101-110
Chamberlain, Von Del Star Tracks: Astronomical Motifs in American Southwest Rock Art 21-3 339-346
Chamberlain, Von Del and Hugh Rogers On the Trail of Dinetah Skywatchers: Patterned Dots and Scattered Pluses 27 49-58
Childress, Jane P. Rock Art and Rock Crawling in Central Arizona 30 103-110
Christensen, Don Dedication “In Memory of Frank G. Bock 32 ix-x
Christensen, Don and Jerry Dickey A Reply to Comments by Allen: The Esplanade Style: A Reappraisal of Polychrome Rock Art in the Grand Canyon Region, Arizona 30 87-88
Christensen, Don D. Pre-Pueblo Rock Art in the Little Colorado River Drainage 17 36-43
Christensen, Don D. Rock Art Research: Retrospect and Future Considerations 20 1-6
Christensen, Don D. Preformative and Early Formative Rock Art of the Kanab Creek Wilderness Area, Arizona 33 127-144
Christensen, Don D.  Context and Rock Art in the Cinder Cone Lava Beds, Eastern Mojave Desert, California 36 171-181
Christensen, Don D., and Jerry Dickey The Grapevine Style of the Eastern Mojave of California and Nevada 27 185-200
Christensen, Don D., and Jerry Dickey The Tusayan Style: Archaic Rock Art in the Grand Canyon Region, Arizona 32 1-14
Christensen, Don D., Jerry Dickey, and David Lee Regional Variation in Rock Art Styles in the Southern Great Basin: A View from the East Mojave 25 69-80
Christensen, Don, and Jerry Dickey The Esplanade Style: A Reappraisal of Polychrome Rock Art in the Grand Canyon Region, Arizona 30 69-85
Christie, Jessica J. Inca Rock Sculpture in the Sacred and Political Landscape 26-1 33-38
Christie, Jessica Joyce The Carved Rock Shrine of Sapantiana in Cusco, Peru 31 111-123
Christie, Jessica Joyce  Inka Carved Rocks and Khipus: Were Some Sculpted Grids Counting Devices Using the Same Structure as Khipus? 36 147-158
Clarkson, Persis B. Contextual Archaeological Approaches to Geoglyphs in Northern Chile: Extending the Theoretical Landscape 26-2 191-198
Clarkson, Persis B. Art as Science, Science as Art: Aerial Photographic Applications in Rock Art Research 27 177-183
Clegg, John Gavin Souter's Boats 21-3 423-432
Clouse, Robert Alan Sustainability: Towards a Comprehensive Management Plan for Rock Art Sites 26-1 39-45
Cochran, Kjersti Ann Lung/ Palulukang Chinese ‘Dragon’ / Hopi ‘Water Serpent’ 21-3 501-504
Coffman, Ralph Rock Art and Early Cultural Diversity in Xingiang, China 26-2 87-102
Comba, Enrico Rock Art, Museums, and the Construction of Cultural Memory 26-2 55-58
Consens, Mario Vikings and Rock Art in Paraguay: Ethno-Anthropological Discrepancies 26-2 209-214
Consens, Mario, Anna Maria Bello, and Graciela Rodriguez Discourses around Exhibitions: Anthropological Analysis of Experiences in Rock Art Diffusion 26-2 49-54
Contreras Barragán, Blanca Eréndira, and César Armando Quijada López The Petroglyphs of “‘El Pedregoso’ In Sonora, Mexico”  21-3 51-60
Conway, Thor Ojibwa Oral History Relating to 19th Century Rock Art 15 11-26
Copeland, James Matthew Dinetah Ceremonial Rock Art and Cultural Affiliation in Northwest New Mexico 27 35-42
Coy Fred E., Jr. Kentucky Petroglyphs, Two Cases of Mistaken Identity 21-3 187-196
Crotty, Helen K. Rock Art of the Modoc Territory 5 22-35
Crotty, Helen K. Formal Qualities of the Jornada Style and Pueblo IV Rock Art: A Comparison with Implications for the Origins of Pueblo Ceremonialism 16 147-166
Crowley, M. Suzanne Rock Art of Saline Valley, Inyo County, California 5 36-49
Cuitzeo Domínguez, Martín Las Manitas Rock Art Site In Cañada De Cisneros, Tepotzotlán, México: An Analysis Using Visual Semiotic Tools 35 161-170
Culley, Elisabeth V. Examining Metaphorical Reasoning in Rock Art Production: Conceptualizations of Self in Coso Range Imagery 29 69-82
D'Amico, Diane H. Rock Art of the Northern Sinagua Area 4 128-140
Dandridge, Debra E., and James K. Meen The Degradation of Rock Art by Lichen Processes 29 43-52
Dandridge, Debra, and Allen E. Kane Vogel Canyon: A Case History of Federal Agency Rock Art Resource Management 21-2 27-32
Davenport, Marietta Rock Art Sites as Components of the Recreational and Spiritual Landscape in Sedona Arizona 21-3 273-276
Davenport, Marietta A. Hanson, John A. and Lesko, Lawrence M. The Rocks Remember. . . The Art of Snake Gulch 18 65-70
David, Bruno, Ruth Ann Armitage, Marvin W. Rowe, and Ewan Lawson Landscapes in Transition? New Radiocarbon dates on Cave Drawings from the Mitchell-Palmer Limestone Belt (Northeastern Australia) 27 107-116
Davidson, Howard M. The Occurrence of the Hand Motif in North American Indian Rock Art 1 151- 163
Dávila, Nahum Z. Solís and Araceli Rivera Estrada The Hunter’s Memory and Ritual Space: Interpreting the Rock Art at Loma El Muerto, Nuevo León, México 36 133-146
Davis, John V. A Prehistoric Water Control System at Hueco Tanks State Park 1 91-104
Davis, John V. The Occurrence of Pecked Figures at Hueco Tanks Pictograph Site 4 96-103
Davis, Nola Montgomery Photocopying Paintings of Rock Art for Curation 21-3 439-443
Davis, Nola Montgomery Measuring Rock Art with the Aid of Lasers 21-3 445-447
de la Luz Gutiérrez, María, and Justin Hyland Report on the Proyecto Arte Rupestre Sierra de San Francisco, Baja California Sur, Mexico”  21-3 61-68
Dean, J. Claire Hardware Store Conservation: Why This Week's 'Best Buy' May Not Be Such a Bargain 21-2 21-26
Dean, J. Claire Grappling with Graffiti at Petroglyph National Monument,&8221;  22 111-117
del Razo Canuto, J. Carlo Icamole, Un Sitio Ritual de Cazadores Recolectores en El Estado de Nuevo León 31 91-98
Devlet, Ekaterina Some Anthropomorphic and Ornithomorphic Images: The American-Asian Parallels 26-2 103-112
Dickey,  Jerry, and Don D. Christensen A Preliminary Comparison of Colorado Plateau Archaic Rock Art: Barrier Canyon and the Esplanade Styles 35 103-120
Dickey, Jerry, and Don Christensen A Functional Analysis of the Esplanade Style 30 89-102
Dickman, Jeffrey The Value of Rock Art Repositories and Their Application 12 89-92
Diethelm, Inge , and Heinz Diethelm  The Rock Carvings of Alp Carschenna, Switzerland 21-3 347-352
Diethelm-Loch, Inge, and Heinz Diethelm-Loch Teaching Rock Art in Switzerland: A Country without Major Rock Art Sites 26-2 159-160
Dillingham, Eric,  and Margaret Berrier A Preliminary Description of the Guadalupe Red Linear Style Components at Ambush Two Hands Shelter and Lost Again Shelter, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico 37 17-36
Dobrez, Livio A . C.  Looking at our Looking: A New Approach to the Definition of a Rock Art Scene 37 253-266
Dobrez, Patricia  Deception Creek: An Architectural Petroglyph Site in South Australia 37 217-230
Docktor, Desiree The Significance of Rock Art Setting in the Interpretation of Form and Functuion: Preliminary Investigation of Two Yokuts Sites in California 9 63-71
Dolgovessova, Elena The Ritual Erotic Plots on the Rock Images of Southern Siberia 26-2 113-118
Domínguez, Martín C. Pintura Rupestre y Liminalidad 31 69-77
Don D. Christensen and Peggy Whitehead Preface 33 vii
Dorn, Ronald I. Paleoenvironmental Signals in Rock Varnish on Petroglyphs 18 1-17
Dorn, Ronald I. and Jones, Trinkle Ann, Bock, A.J. and Bock, Frank Preliminary Data on Radiocarbon Dating of Petroglyphs at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona 19 31-39
Dorn, Ronald I., Edward and Diane Stasack, and Persis Clarkson Analyzing Petroglyphs and Geoglyphs with Four New Perspectives: Evaluating What's There and What's Not 27 77-96
Douglass, Amy A. From Rock Outcrop to Museum Exhibit: Teaching the Public About Rock Art 23 189-193
Erickson, Gregory F.  Post-Transformational Evidence for a Shamanic Soul Trip to Other Worlds 36 125-132
Ewing, Eve Preliminary Report on Cueva Halcon: A Major Discovery from the Sierra Mescalera, Southern Baja Norte, Mexico 12 111-122
Ewing, Eve Preliminary Report on Crack Feature Incorporation from the Franco-Cantabrian Regions of France and Spain 23 147-160
Farrell, Mary Margaret, and Jeffery Franz Burton Rock Art of the Southeastern Arizona Sky Islands: Eighty Sites on the Coronado National Forest 21-3 277-288
Faulkner, Charles H. Rock Art in the Underworld: Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and Mud Glyphs in Southeastern United States Caves 21-3 197-203
Faulstich, Paul Spirits on the Rock: Symbol and Structure in North Queensland, Australia Rock Paintings 10 1-28
Faulstich, Paul Introduction: Rock Art As Visual Ecology 21-1 1-5
Faulstich, Paul Evan Australian Aboriginal Rock Art And the Sense of Place 9 96-113
Fletcher, Milford, and Maynard Merkt Frequency of Occurrence of Classified Petroglyphs at Two New Mexico Sites 32 31-44
Fossati, Angelo Eugenio Shields and Warriors: Similarities and Differences in the Rock Art of Bear Gulch, Montana, and Valcamonica-Valtellina, Italy 34 105-122
Fossati, Angelo Eugenio, James D. Keyser, and David A. Kaiser Flags and Banners in Warrior Rock Art: Ethnographic Comparisons for Valcamonica and Bear Gulch Rock Art 36 109-124
Fowler, Daniel B. Indian Petroglyphs Recently Discovered in West Virginia 3 38-46
Freeman, Paul and Payen, Louis J. A Probable Solstice Site in Northern California 9 22-25
Freers, Steve The Hand Prints at CA-RIV-114: A Forensic and Anthropomorphic Study 27 319-332
Freers, Steven M. Lending a ‘Hand’ to the San Luis Rey Style 22 57-78
Fresko, David Rock Art of Southeastern Anatolia with Some Comparisons to Northern American Indian Rock Art  3 27-37
Fresko, David Review of Two Rock Art Sites in Puerto Rico 6 66-79
Frey, Dan A Crossroads in Time and Space: The Chiricahua Mountains Pictographs of Rock Canyon 32 53-62
Frey, Dan, Cesar Quijada, and Jane Kolber Los Petrograbados y las Pinturas de La Pulsera, Cucurpe, Sonora” or “The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of la Pulsera, Cucurpe, Sonora 31 136-154
Garcia, Linda Clara, and Paola Silvia Ramundo They are Going over our Heads! ‘Nos Pasan por Encima!’ 26-2 199-208
Garfinkel, Alan P., Geron Marcom, and Robert A. Schiffman Culture Crisis and Rock Art Intensification: Numic Ghost Dance Paintings and Coso Representational Petroglyphs 33 83-104
Garfinkel, Alan P.. and J. Kenneth Pringle Dating the Rock Drawings of the Coso Range: Projectile Point Petroglyphs 30 1-14
George, Peter B. A Recently Discovered Rock Art Site in Northern New Mexico 1 105-108
Ghinea, Virgile Prehistoric Art Interpretation, the Holographic Method”  21-3 17-22
Gili, Maria Laura Los Signos Rupestres del Cerro Intihuasi. Cordoba. Sur de la Sierra de Comechingones. Argentina 26-2 175-182
Gillette, Donna and Linda Hylkema Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind…Revisiting a Significant Rock Art Site in Southern San Benito County, California 36 9-21
Gillette, Donna, and Teresa Miller Saltzman So What's a PCN? 29 105-109
Gillette, Donna, Billo, Evelyn, and Robert Mark From Gang Hangout to Educational Resource—Reclaiming a Cultural Treasure 26-1 47-52
Gilpin, Dennis The Talking Rocks of Carson's Wall: Navajo History and Settlement as Revealed at a Multicomponent Rock Art Site in the Chinle Valley, Arizona 27 59-66
Gilreath, Amy J. The Archaeology and Petroglyphs of the Coso Rock Art Landmark 25 33-44
Golio, JJ, and Mike Golio Hohokam Bola Petroglyphs in the South Mountains of Phoenix 30 111-118
González Arratia, Leticia The Making of Petroglyphs, as a Historical Conception of Time 21-3 149-154
Gordon, Mary Cupule Petroglyphs in Tulare County, California 16 227-236
Grant, Campbell The Need for Consistency in Rock Art Terminology 2 88-91
Grant, Campbell Some Painted Rock Art Sites in the Sierra Libre, Sonora, Mexico 3 47-62
Grant, Campbell The Occurrence of the Atlatl in Rock Art 5 1-21
Grant, Campbell An Introduction to Yokuts Rock Painting 6 21-35
Grant, Campbell The Bighorn Sheep - Pre-Eminent Motif in the Rock Art of Western North America 7&8 11-25
Grant, Campbell Clay Figurines and Rock Paintingss 9 77-81
Grant, Campbell Alder Cave (CA-VEN-347) 12 57-64
Greco, Margaret  Seeps, Springs, and the Pecos River Style Pictographs: ‘Renewing Reality’ in the Light of 25 Years 37 99-114
Green, Eileen, and Elaine Holmes Kohta Circus: A Mesoamerican Connection 27 293-299
Green, John W. The Study of Early Photographs of Rock Art Sites to Enhance the Accuracy of Later Investigations 2 66-82
Green, John W. The Four Seasons Rock Art Shelter: A Solar Seasonal-Indicator Site in a Texas Big Bend Region Pictograph Shelter 23 203-210
Greer, John The Painted Rock Art of Southwestern Venezuela: Context and Chronology 20 45-58
Greer, John, and Mavis Greer Human Figures in the Cave Paintings of Southern Venezuela 21-3 155-166
Greer, John, and Mavis Greer 1995 Rock Art Fieldwork in Southern Venezuela 22 79-94
Greer, John, and Mavis Greer Dark Zone Rock Art in Surratt Cave, in a Deep Cavern in Central New Mexico 23 25-40
Greer, Mavis and Greer, John Sun River Pictographs in Central Montana 20 25-33
Greer, Mavis and John Greer Rock Art and Well Pad Construction: An Example of Conservation from Wyoming 27 161-168
Greer, Mavis, and John Greer An Evaluation of Abstract Figures in Central Montana Rock Art 22 29-36
Greer, Mavis, and John Greer Bear Imagery in Central Montana Rock Art 23 85-94
Greer, Mavis, and John Greer The Importance of Rock Art Recording History in Current Research: An Example from Bear Gulch Montana 34 1-8
Greer, Melissa, and James D. Keyser Women Among Warriors: Female Figures in Bear Gulch Rock Art 34 89-104
Griswold, John Camouflaging Graffiti: The Problem of Outdoor Inpainting 21-2 41-46
Gronemann, Barbara J. Research and Recording of Relocated Rock Art 26-1 53-60
Grove, Margaret The Dancing Figures of Arnhem Land 26-2 119-134
Gutierrez, Manuel El Papel de la Educacion en la Conservacion del Arte Parietal un Ejemplo Interesante: El Caso de Angola 26-2 77-86
Hansen, Jörg W. The State of Rock Art Preservation and Climatic Change: An Example from the Central Sahara Desert 21-2 57-59
Harper, Kevin and Ann Alger Interpreting the Past and Looking to the Future: Rock Art Education at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center 26-2 45-48
Harris, James R. The War Twins Petroglyph and a Tentative Interpretation 7&8 165-176
Harris, James R. Zion Park Petroglyph Canyon Panel 10 40-47
Harris, James R. Corn Maidens in Anasazi Rock Art 12 123-131
Harrison III, James Burr  An Argument for the Expanded Context of Dart-Headed Figures in Pecos River Style Pictographs 37 75-92
Harrod, James B. Highlights of the Decipherment of Upper Paleolithic (European): A Protolanguage of the Human Spirit”  21-3 23-32
Harry, Karen G., Evelyn Billo, and Robert Mark The Challenge of Long-Term Preservation: Managing Impacts to Rock Art at Hueco Tanks State Historical Park 27 151-159
Hartley, Ralph J., and Anne M. Wolley Vawser Wayfinding in the Desert: Evaluating the Role of Rock Art Through GIS 21-1 55-76
Hawk, Ruth Visual Perception - and Mis-Conception 4 71-78
Hawkins, Bill, Arie, Jane C., Loendorf, Larry L., and Leo Karpinski Lessons Learned: Recording Sites and Assigning Ages to Rock Art Panels 23 103-110
Hayashi, Hiroaki Rock Art Education in Japan 26-2 59-62
Hayden, Nancy Lee Yavapai Cosmology: Early Timekeepers in the Prescott Area, Arizona 27 253-260
Hedges, Ken Kumeyaay Rock Paintings in Southern California 1 115-129
Hedges, Ken Southern California Rock Art as Shamanic Art 2 126-138
Hedges, Ken Rock Art in the Pinon Forests of Northern Baja California 3 1-8
Hedges, Ken The Rancho Bernardo Style in Southern California 5 51-58
Hedges, Ken Painted Pebbles from Lake Cahuilla, Imperial County, California 6 103-106
Hedges, Ken Great Basin Rock Art Styles: A Revisionist View 7&8 205-211
Hedges, Ken Phosphenes in the Context of Native American Rock Art 7&8 1-10
Hedges, Ken A Re-examination of Pomo Baby Rocks 9 10-21
Hedges, Ken Repainting in Kumeyaay Rock Art: Vandalism, Defacement, or Renewal? 16 63-70
Hedges, Ken The Petroglyphs of Zion Wash 18 53-63
Hedges, Ken Oatman Point: New Discoveries on the Lower Gila 20 7-12
Hedges, Ken Images of the Spirit World Vision Imagery and Spirit Beings in North American Rock Art 21-3 541-557
Hedges, Ken Notes on Basic Methods of Recording Rock Art: Philosophies and Procedures 25 191-202
Hedges, Ken Traversing the Great Gray Middle Ground: An Examination of Shamanistic Interpretation of Rock Art 27 123-136
Hedges, Ken Rock Art Styles in Southern California 28 25-40
Hedges, Ken Rock Art in Town: ‘Pilgrim Marks’ in Santillana del Mar 31 99-109
Hedges, Ken  and Steven M. Freers A Remarkable Pictograph Site in Western San Diego County, California 37 145-160
Hedges, Ken and Hamann, Diane The Palo Verde Petroglyphs: a Preliminary Report, California 13&14 9-16
Hedges, Ken and Hamann, Diane Look to the Mountaintop: Rock Art of Texas Hill, Arizona 17 44-55
Hedges, Ken and Hamann, Diane The Rock Art of White Tanks, Arizona 19 57-69
Hedges, Ken, and Diane Hamann Three Pueblo Rock Art Sites on the Nellis Air Force Range 23 111-120
Hedges, Ken, and Hamann, Diane Recording the Rock Art at Indian Hill, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park 22 37-56
Hernández Llosas, María Isabel Rock Art in Argentina: Method and Advances in Regional Archaeological Research 21-3 167-182
Hernández Llosas, María Isabel A Unique Discovery at the End of the Continent: ‘Perspective,’ A Technique Used To Design A Complex Rock Art Motif 21-3 183-184
Herrera Maldonado, Daniel Analysis of the Rock Art Feline Painting in Cueva de La Malinche, Hidalgo, Mexico 35 171-185
Heyd, Thomas Contemporary Significance of Northern Plains ‘Medicine Wheels’ 21-3 205-213
Hill, Sharon Paleolithic Engravings from La Marche: Discovering New Images and Meaning 26-2 141-146
Hogue, Kathleen Conservation Measures for the Rock Art of Kachina Panel, Southeast Utah 19 17-21
Holmes, Elaine 26CK6580: A Possible Basketmaker Rock Art Site in Southern Nevada 30 15-18
Holmes, Elaine, and Pamela A. Cramer Legends, Links and Likenesses: Mesoamerican Symbols in Southern Nevada Rock Art 28 181-192
Holmlund, James and Wallace, Henry Paleoseismicity and Rock Art in Southern Arizona 13&14 1-8
Horne, Stephen Analysis of Chumash Rock Art from Sierra Madre Ridge, California 2 114-125
Howard, Julia A., and Constance S. Silver The Comprehensive Preservation and Conservation Program for the Rock Art of Sego Canyon, Utah 21-2 33-40
Hows, Mark E.P. Hill Figures of the U.K. - An Overview 26-2 161-174
Huang, Jennifer K. K. Socio-Political Organization On Perry Mesa: What The Rock-Art Suggests 35 91-102
Hunger, Heinz Ritual Coition as Sacred Marriage in the Rock Art of North America 9 1-9
Hunger, Heinz Ritual Coition with and among Animals 10 116-124
Hunger, Heinz Ritual Coition with Inanimate Objects 12 75-80
Hyder, William D. Basketmaker Spatial Identity: Rock Art as Culture and Praxis 21-1 31-42
Hyder, William D. The C. Mark Oliver Award: Recognizing Excellence in Rock Art Photography 24 113-114
Hyder, William D. and Lee, Georgia Modoc Rock Art: a Reevaluation 16 237-252
Hyder, William D. and Oliver, Mark Style and Chronology in Chumash Rock Art 10 86-101
Hyder, William D., and Dario Caloss Rock Art Styles on the Bishop Volcanic Tablelands 28 41-52
Hyder, William D., and Georgia Lee The Shamanic Tradition in Chumash Rock Art 21-3 559-586
Hyder, William D., Lee, Georgia and Oliver, Mark Culture, Style, and Chronology: The Rock Art of the Carrizo Plain 11 43-57
Hyman, Marian, and Marvin W. Rowe Plasma-Chemical Extraction and AMS Radiocarbon Dating of Rock Paintings 23 1-9
Ibarra Asencios, Bebel, and Ricardo Chirinos Portocarrero El Arte Rupestre en la Sierra Norte del Peru: Petroglifos de Caullumachay Provincia de Huari - Ancash, Peru 26-2 215-220
Ives, Gay A. The Dolores Archaeological Program Rock Art Study, Southwestern Colorado 10 48-61
Jack, Jennifer Management of Rock Art Sites in the Paria Wilderness Area 13&14 149-151
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