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Field Trip and Workshop Overview

On this page we are providing you with:

  • A description of all of the field trips and workshops so that you can see all the offerings in one place. You will have to register for the trips on the separate Friday and Monday registration pages.
  • A map of the general field trip locations so you can plan your comings and goings
  • A few guides to self-guided trips you can do on your own in the area
  • A general explanation of how to register for field trips and workshops

Field Trip Descriptions

1. Workshop: Rock Art Recording

Full Day Thursday (may be chosen in addition to a Friday event)

Description: This workshop will focus on the photo overlay technique for drawing a site. It is a very easy methodology that anyone can use. There will be a brief orientation at the site and then we will work outside for the majority of the day at the fabulous Sego/Thompson rock art site. We will work in teams so that, by the end of the day, you will feel comfortable with the entire process. Whether you have never documented a site or are a seasoned expert we would be happy to have you.

All materials will be supplied.

Hiking: The site is flat with three different panels in close proximity. One panel requires a 15 foot scramble through a wash.

Driving: 160 miles, 3 hours (round trip) driving. The bulk of the driving is on paved roads with 3 miles on a high quality, graded dirt road.

Vehicle: Any

2. Workshop: GPS Tutorial

Half day Friday am

Description: Need to find your way back to that petroglyph panel? Or your car? This workshop will cover how Global Positioning System devices think and operate. The majority of the workshop will be in the classroom with some time outside practicing what you learned. We’ll learn about device settings, how to record tracks and waypoints, and how to download and organize them. We’ll focus on Garmin devices and smartphone apps.

Things to Bring: GPS device or smartphone, a notebook for taking notes and, for the short field session portion, sun protection and walking shoes. Optional: Bring your GPS device, its USB cable, and a laptop if you want to practice downloading your gpx files.

Hiking: The field part of this workshop will include a walk in a local public park to test your skills.

3. Workshop: Gigapan and SFM (3D) Photography

Half day Friday pm

Description: The course will consist of photographing a local rock art site followed by classroom instruction. The classroom instruction will show participants how to stitch photographs together using Gigapan technology. We will also cover a 3D technique known as SFM (Structure from Motion). This will allow participants to stitch photographs together using a hand-held camera without the necessity for sophisticated equipment.

Things to Bring: digital camera, hat, sunscreen, walking shoes, notepad, and pen. Laptops are not mandatory but may be helpful in the classroom.

Hiking: 0.1 mile hike to the site.

Driving: 1 hour (round trip)

Vehicle: Any

4. Sego Canyon

Half Day Friday am and Monday am

Description: If one were to make a list of the top five public rock art sites in Utah, Sego would certainly be on the list. It has three different styles within short walking distance: Ute, Fremont, and Barrier Canyon.

Hiking: All the sites can be viewed from level ground within a distance of less than 0.1 mile from parking. A short scramble is required to get close to the Ute panel or it can be viewed via binoculars. The Fremont and Barrier Canyon panels are accessed on level ground. Additional rock art is located within walking distance up the road. This is an excellent site for anyone who would like a shorter trip with little walking.

Driving: 160 miles, 3 hours (round trip) driving. The bulk of the driving is on paved roads with 3 miles on a high quality, graded dirt road.

Vehicle: Any

5. Sego Canyon and Crescent Junction

Slightly more than half a day Friday and Monday

Description: This trip includes the Sego/Thompson site and adds a boulder site in the Crescent Junction area which has archeoastronomy characteristics. It avoids the longer hike in this area for a walk-up site. This is a good trip for those who don’t want to do a lot of hiking but want to see a few more sites.

Hiking: Less than 0.25 miles between the two sites with no elevation change.

Driving: 160 miles, 2.5 hours (round trip) highway driving with an additional 10 miles (round trip) on a well maintained dirt road.

Vehicle: Any

6. Green River West

Full Day Monday

Description: This trip provides a broad range of rock art sites including Barrier Canyon, Chihuahan Polychrome, and Fremont styles.

Hiking: Each site requires some hiking for a total of approximately 2 miles (round trip). Black Dragon canyon may not be passable by vehicle and may add 1 mile to the hiking. There is minimal elevation change. Black Dragon requires approximately a 100 foot elevation gain.

Driving: 240 miles freeway miles (3.75 hours) round trip. 15 miles round trip dirt road.

Vehicle: Four wheel drive

7. Woodside

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description:  A trip along the Price River to a large number of sites. Petroglyphs and pictographs, Fremont, Ute, Archaic. Good blend of sites.

Hiking: Short to moderate hikes to sites from the parking areas. With total mileage of 2-3 miles with moderate elevation change.

Driving: 250 miles, 4 hours freeway (round trip). 14 miles round trip dirt road.

Vehicle: High clearance

8. Green River South

Full Day Monday

Description:  All day trip visiting petroglyphs and pictographs south of Green River.  

Hiking: Some easy walks from the vehicles and some moderate hikes. One site requires a moderate hike, and moving among boulders on a slope. Another site requires a 2.8 mile round trip hike.

Mileage: 200 miles (3 hours) round trip on the freeway. An additional 40 miles round trip, mostly on graded dirt roads.

Vehicle: High clearance required, 4 wheel drive recommended.

9. Barrier Canyon Style Focus

Full Day Friday

Description: The Barrier Canyon Style is an archaic rock art style that exists almost exclusively in Utah. This trip will visit three Barrier Canyon sites and will see Fremont, Glen Canyon Style V, and Chihuahan Polychrome style rock art along the way.

Hiking: One site is a drive up site, another involves a 1 mile (round trip) level hike in a sandy wash, a third may be a drive up site or may require a 1 mile round trip hike.

Driving: Most driving will be on paved roads and high quality dirt roads that would be appropriate for most street vehicles. One site goes up a short canyon which is generally not appropriate for a street vehicle. 300 miles (4.5 hours) of highway driving (round trip) with three dirt road deviations to reach sites.

Vehicle: High clearance.

10. Green River NE

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description:  All day trip visiting petroglyphs and pictographs northeast of Green River along the Green River and in nearby canyons.
Hiking: Easy walks from the vehicles.

Mileage: 220 miles 3.5 hours (round trip) on paved road with an additional 45 miles on dirt roads including canyon bottoms.

Vehicle: High clearance

11. Valley City/Sego/Dancing Bear

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description: Beautiful pecked and painted panels including Fremont and Barrier Canyon styles.

Hiking: One 3 mile round trip hike with a gradual 350 feet of elevation gain. A second 1 mile round trip hike with minimal elevation change. 

Driving: 200 miles of paved road 3 hours driving (round trip) Return via the Sego site if participants are interested which is a drive up site requiring an additional 6 miles of good dirt road.

Vehicle: High clearance

12. Book Cliffs

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description:  All day trip visiting petroglyphs and pictographs in eastern Utah. Pecked and painted rock art sites. Important historic inscriptions. Some sites are on private land and will have to be viewed from the road. Bring binoculars and telephoto lenses.

Hiking: Easy walks to roadside sites. One site requires a steep hike up a talus slope but can be viewed from the road with binoculars.

Mileage: About 80 miles round trip (1.5 hours) freeway driving. An additional 60 miles non-highway driving a combination of paved, gravel, and graded dirt roads.

Vehicle: High clearance

13. Seven Mile

Full Day Friday

Description:  A series of short hikes to Barrier Canyon, Glen Canyon Linear, and Fremont sites.  Bring binoculars for some sites that will be viewed from a distance.

Hiking: Most of the sites are located close to the vehicles with less than 0.1 mile. Two sites require 75 feet of scrambling but can be viewed with binoculars. Two sites have more hiking with 1 mile round trip and 2.5 miles round trip.

Driving: 200 miles, 3 hours (round trip) of highway driving followed by several miles of off road driving up a sandy, narrow canyon.

Vehicle:  Four wheel drive

14. Moab Area – Courthouse Wash and Kane Creek

Full Day Monday

Description: This trip takes place around the popular tourist destination of Moab, UT. It visits Barrier Canyon, Fremont, and Anasazi style rock art sites.

Hiking: The Courthouse Wash hike is 1 mile (one way) with 100 feet of elevation gain. The hike to the main Amasa Back panel is about .75 miles (one way) with 300 feet of elevation change. Most of the hike to the Amasa Back site is along a road but the bulk of the elevation is through loose talus. The site can be viewed from the road with binoculars for those not wanting to do the hike. There are several shorter hikes along the Kane Creek road some of which are right along the road and others which require some short hikes and climbing. Time permitting the group may also hike further beyond the Amasa Back site to see additional sites in the area which would add several miles to the hiking.

Driving: 240 miles, 3.5 hours (round trip) highway driving with 14 miles (round trip) of paved and excellent dirt roads.

Vehicle: Any

15. Shavano Valley and Ute Museum

Half Day Friday am and Monday am x2 (one early, one regular time)

Description: Many pecked images from the archaic to historic Ute periods. The site includes a famous site with bears climbing trees and a reference to the Ute Bear Dance. A visit to the Ute Museum is included. If time allows, the trip will also visit Escalante Canyon rock art and historic sites.

Hiking: 0.5 miles (round trip) with elevation change of 100 feet.

Driving: 140 miles, 3 hours (round trip)

Vehicle: Any

16. Cañon Pintado

Full day Friday and Monday

Description: A trip to one of the most famous rock art regions in Colorado. It includes Fremont and Ute sites along a substantial length of Douglas Creek. Cañon Pintado, is a broad shallow canyon, named by the Dominguez and Escalante Expedition (1776) in reference to the rock art. See the attached brochure for more information.

Hiking: Short hikes on developed trails. Minimal elevation change.

Driving: Paved road with 1 mile of dirt road. About 160 miles, 3 hours (round trip).

Vehicle: Any

17. Dragon Road

Full day Friday and Monday

Description: This trip is in the  Cañon Pintado area but along the  Dragon road south of Rangely.  Sites include a mix of Fremont and Ute styles with one Barrier Canyon style site. See the attached brochure for more information.

Hiking: Short hikes of less than 0.5 miles with minimal elevation change.

Driving: About 200 miles, 4 hours (round trip) including 20 miles of maintained dirt road and 6 miles of unmaintained road.

Vehicle: High clearance

18. Debeque

Full day Friday

Description: Four sites including pecked and painted images.

Hiking: Approximately 1.5 miles total for all sites (round trip). One site has 200 foot elevation change. Others are flat.

Mileage: 60 miles, 1 hour (round trip).

Vehicle: High clearance.

19. Glade Park

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description: Fremont and Archaic sites including sites on private land that you are unlikely to be able to visit other than on this trip.

Hiking: 5 miles round trip. Steep drop into canyon (200 feet) and 50 foot climbs to two panels in the canyon. No defined trail.

Mileage: 90 miles round trip with a mixture of paved, well maintained dirt road, and short two tracks.

Vehicle: High clearance

20. Gateway North

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description: All day trip visiting Ute and Archaic petroglyphs along the Dolores River amid beautiful canyon scenery.

Hiking:  Easy access to all panels, with short hikes up minor slopes (75 feet) to 2 sites. 

Driving:  180-200 miles, 3.5 hours (round trip)

Vehicle: Any

21. Gateway South

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description: Visits to 2 major sites through private land access off side canyons of the Dolores River (Archaic, Fremont, Ute, possible Shoshoni and Gateway tradition).

Hiking: The first site involves 150 feet of moderate elevation change over a 1.5 mile access trail.  The second site involves a more challenging cross country route (2 miles round trip) with a 100 foot climb and rock scramble. 

Driving:  250 miles 4 hours (round trip) 15 miles are county road, maintained but with some hill climb, tight curves and exposure. 

Vehicle: High clearance

22. Paradox Valley

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description: A full day with a long drive to see major Ancestral Puebloan rock art panels at numerous sites.

Hiking:  Minor hiking of less than 0.5 miles to 4-5 sites, but one site requires agility and difficult rock scrambling.  (Those wishing to remain at vehicle may do so.)  100 feet elevation change.

Driving: 250 miles, 4 hour (round trip) highway miles, with an additional 8 miles on two-track.

Vehicle: High clearance for two-track. 

23. Dominguez Canyon

Full day Friday and Monday

Description: View rock art and historic sites along a well-maintained trail. The trip ends in the vicinity of “Newspaper Rock” and adjoining sites that contain Fremont and Ute petroglyphs.  Other sites in the area will be visited as time allows.

Hiking:  A 7 mile (round trip) over easy terrain, with 250 feet of elevation change  along the last 2 miles.  

Driving:  60 miles, 1.5 hour (round trip) with 10 miles gravel and maintained county road.

Vehicle:  Any

24. Eagle Rock and Escalante Canyon

Full Day Friday and Monday

Description: A trip to one of the oldest documented sites in North America, where excavation of a rock shelter dates back 12,000 years.  Archaic petroglyphs are found on the walls of the rock shelter.  Ute sites will be visited in the afternoon, along with historic sites and a drive up canyon if time allows.

Hiking:  A moderate downhill hike and return involves 200 feet of elevation change over 0.5 miles to Eagle Rock.  Afternoon visit includes 60 feet of elevation gain over uneven, boulder-strewn route (visible from below with binoculars). 

Mileage: 150 miles, 2 hours (round trip) with 4 miles of rutted two-track to Eagle Rock parking.  12 miles of maintained county road in with 2 mile side trip involving stream crossing (if favorable conditions) and travel along poorly maintained road to site.

Vehicle:  High clearance

25. Delta West

Full Day Monday

Description: All day trip visiting petroglyphs, small rock shelters and a game drive. 

Hiking:  Short to moderate hikes over uneven terrain with minor elevation changes (less than 100 feet) to all sites.

Mileage:  140 miles, 2 hours (round trip)

Vehicle:  High clearance

26. Sweetwater Cave

Half Day Monday am

Description: A pictograph site depicting a Ute hunt season on walls of a cave.  Great for those going home on the I-70 East and wanting short trip along the way. 

Hiking: 1.5 mile (round trip) with 200 feet elevation gain. Site is at an elevation of 8000 feet.

Driving: 150 miles (one way). 140 miles paved road, 10 miles graded dirt road.

Vehicle: Any

27. Unaweep Canyon

Full Day Monday

Descripton: Three sites with pecked anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, geometric, and curvilinear features in the Uncompahgre (archaic) style.

Hiking: 2 miles (round trip) through pinon/juniper with 400 feet of elevation change spread among the sites. Hiking is reasonably flat.

Driving: 40 miles, 1 hour (round trip) paved road.

Vehicle: Any

28. Great Gallery

Full Day Monday

Description: The Great Gallery is the type site for the Barrier Canyon rock art style. The main panel is roughly 200 feet long with many large painted anthropomorphic figures. Three other sites will be visited on route to the main site.

Hiking: The hike is seven miles round trip with an 800 foot elevation change and loose sand hiking in the canyon bottom. Plan on this being a long day, with hot weather, and no access to water. Long pants are suggested in case of biting insects in the area.

Driving: 140 miles 2 hours (one way) of highway driving. An additional 30 miles of graded dirt road to the trailhead.

Vehicle: Any.


Field Trip Map

Self-Guided Trip Information

Registering For Field Trips and Workshops

If you attended the 2017 Oregon Conference, you will find the registration process to be very similar this year. Come to the website and everything will be automated. You can pay by credit card or by check.

In order to register for either a field trip or a workshop you first need to register for the conference. Once you have completed the conference registration you will receive an email which includes a code that will be required to register for the field trips/workshops.

Registration requires an email address. ARARA members should log into the website first (top right corner of any web page) and your information will automatically be entered on the registration forms. You also have to be logged in to confirm that you are a member of ARARA. We will need an email for non-members as well. Non-members can also use the same guest option described below.

If only one person in the family has an email, that person can register other family members as a "guest". The guest option will appear at the bottom of the page after the first person completes the details of their registration. This option is available for both the conference and the field trip/workshop registrations.

In the past, you needed to contact the conference or field trip organizer to cancel your registration. This year you are encouraged to do this yourself. Log back into the website (non-members can log in with the email address they used to register), go to the event that you wish to cancel, and an "Already Registered" link should appear below the "Register" button. Click on the link and a cancellation option will be presented. Note that there are certain restrictions associated with cancellations as explained on both the conference and field trip registration pages.

If you need help with either conference or field trip registration there are different people for both of those processes. Phone numbers and email addresses are available on the conference and field trip registration pages.

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