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ARARA Resources For University Students

Student Travel Award for Conference Presentations
All qualified students with accepted abstracts who present at the conference are eligible to receive a $500 travel advance award to help with expenses associated with attending the conference.  No application is needed.  Just submit your abstract for the meeting and check that you are a student.  Once abstracts have been accepted, you will be notified about the Student Travel Award.

Student Research Award
The student research award is a research award of up to $2500 for a graduate-level student. Award funds are for reimbursement of research expenses in order to publish a thesis, dissertation, or peer-reviewed academic paper as part of a student’s academic program. More information is available here.

Mentor Program
ARARA is initiating a mentorship program for graduate students who are new members of ARARA. The mission of this program is to provide students with friendly contacts who can answer questions and to direct/introduce them to other members who may have similar interests. This program includes a student luncheon for students to give them a chance to share with each other and ask questions regarding the organization. If you are interested in having a mentor, please send your request to Karen Steeman, giving your name, address, email, your University, and your areas of rock art interests.

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