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ARARA 2024 Conference

ARARA 2024 Conference
May 16 - 20, 2024
Farmington, NM

When the founders of ARARA held their first conference in 1974 they could have picked anywhere. But they chose Farmington, NM. Farmington is in an interesting area. Near the "four corners" where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico come together it is surrounded by culturally significant landscapes along with rock art and other archeology. It is at the junction of the San Juan, Animas, and La Plata rivers and is a short drive north of Chaco, southeast of Mesa Verde, and northeast of Canyon de Chelley. The Aztec and Salmon ruins are just outside of town. The Ute Mountain, Southern Ute, Jicarilla Apache, and Navajo reservations surround it.