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  • Friday 2: Horsethief Butte/Wishram Road

Friday 2: Horsethief Butte/Wishram Road

  • 2 Jun 2017
  • 8:00 AM (PDT)
  • Bombing Range/Whitaker Holes
  • 11


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Description: Horsethief Butte has Columbia Plateau pictographs and petroglyphs on high basalt bluffs above Columbia River. Images include lizards (in their “land monster” guise) and mountain sheep. Several Panels will be visited, a DStretch camera will be an advantage to provide the best view of some images. Wishram Road has primarily Yakima Polychrome style images, some of which are quite spectacular. There are also birds and human figures.

Access: Both sites have VERY DIFFICULT access. For Horsethief Butte the trailhead is situated along state highway 14, accessible by all vehicles. From the trailhead, the trail is rocky but level for approximately ½ mile. At that point, to access pictograph panels requires a VERY DIFFICULT climb up steep talus slope composed of large boulders. Extensive patches of poison ivy grow among boulders and at base of cliff. Accessing petroglyphs requires further STEEP climb up rock face and along narrow ledges with potential for loose stones and bad footing.

Access to the Wishram Road site is also VERY DIFFICULT. Climbing a steep trail with loose stones to a small, narrow ledge is necessary to closely view the rock art. Some of the images can be seen from the road below for those who wish to go on this trip and not attempt the steep trail.

EACH CAR will need to buy a $10 parking permit at the site. Cash or Check only. Also note that the price is PER CAR so carpooling is advised.

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