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  • Monday 19: Devil's Lake/Tumalo Dry Canyon Pictographs

Monday 19: Devil's Lake/Tumalo Dry Canyon Pictographs

  • 5 Jun 2017
  • 8:30 AM (PDT)
  • Devil's Lake/Tumalo Dry Canyon
  • 21


Description: The Devil’s Lake Pictograph Site is located adjacent to Cascade Lakes Highway (Highway 46). Images here are typical red-painted Columbia Plateau pictographs. The Tumalo site pictographs are bright red ochre rectangular geometrics, tally marks, and stick figure anthropomorphs characteristic of the Central Columbia Plateau style.

Access: Access is EASY to both sites. The section of highway at which the Devil’s Lake pictograph panels are located is closed during the winter months, but the road typically reopens by Memorial Day weekend.  Consequently, it is unlikely that all-wheel drive/high clearance vehicles would be required.  However, if this is a significant snow year, there is a strong potential that at least some of the pictograph panels could be inaccessible at the time of the conference. There is limited parking, so carpooling will be required. Highway traffic is heavy. Access to the pictographs is an easy walk down a gravel path just a few yards from the cars.

Accessing the Tumalo Dry Canyon Pictographs requires a short (about ½ mile) drive on a dirt road after leaving Skyliners Road, which is paved. The dirt road is heavily traveled and in fair condition, so all-wheel drive or high clearance vehicles will probably not be needed unless conditions are wet and muddy. After the short drive on dirt road there is a relatively short hike (a few hundred yards) that follows an existing hiking/biking trail for part of the way, but then must go cross country through mostly brushy terrain. The hike is not strenuous and is over level terrain, but there are trip and fall hazards. Sturdy footwear is required.

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