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  • Monday 16: Temani Pesh-Wa trail /John Day Dam

Monday 16: Temani Pesh-Wa trail /John Day Dam

  • 5 Jun 2017
  • 8:00 AM (PDT)
  • Temani Pesh-Wa trail /John Day Dam
  • 11


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Description: Columbia Plateau style pictographs and petroglyphs are the topic of this field trip. The petroglyphs at Temani Pesh-Wa trail are those removed from Petroglyph Canyon prior to the completion of The Dalles Dam. Petroglyphs include Central Columbia Plateau and Columbia River Conventionalized styles. At John Day Dam the images are bear paw petroglyphs unique to this area of the interior Plateau.

Access: Access to both sites is EASY. The Temani Pesh-Wa images are viewed from a paved trail immediately adjacent to the parking lot. The John Day Dam petroglyphs requires a walk of a few hundred yards over level terrain and a descent down a moderate slope to the riverside where petroglyphs are carved on basalt cliffs. Some of the images can only be accessed by climbing over large boulders and a small talus slope, but many images can be seen without this climb.

This trip will get people who are headed north, northeast, or east a significant start on their trip home if they are not planning on returning to the Eagle Crest conference location.

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